TEDx is a non-profit, independently organized, and locally hosted event that invites people of all backgrounds, ages, races, and religions to share ideas which are worth spreading. TEDxYouth is a TEDx event that is oriented towards children, or young people in the community, with an aim to prepare them to make a better future and solve major community and global problems.

TEDxYouth@SWA is an event that is held yearly in Sinarmas World Academy. After capping off a successful debut year in 2018, this year’s TEDx talks will aim to inspire and awe the audiences. This year’s talk has the theme “Ideas: Collision, Orbit, Impact”.

Ideas are born and die each day. Some remain unchanged for long periods of time while others disappear after being replaced. Some ideas find each other and come together becoming, often, a bigger idea but with roots in smaller ones. TEDxYouth@SWA seeks to explore the histories and origins of a varied range of locally important ideas from different perspectives. We propose the metaphor of "Idea trajectories: collision, impact, orbit" to represent the history and fates of ideas as they come to prominence, interact with each other and drive the evolution of new ideas.

Feel free to visit our website at tedx.swa-jkt.com