- It was really interesting to see different speakers with different careers tell us about their stories and share their ideas and recommendations. I really do recommend this event to others because I had an exciting time and a great educational experience.

- Because the spokesperson that came to the event were generally good speakers who were able to make the talk fun and interesting, with very good information that could be easily remembered.

- Sometimes, we learn to go by through others' experiences and life testimonies. The speakers may not be perfect in delivering their piece but their background sure did make me (and I am sure the others as well) somehow reflect on what I am doing with my life.

- TEDxYouth Berbagi Ilmu untuk Generasi Muda. Sejumlah sosok yang hadir dalam konferensi TEDx itu tak sekadar berbagi ilmu, tetapi juga berbagi keprihatinan terhadap masyarakat Asmat.

- The TEDxYouth at Sinarmas World Academy has successfully ended. It is truly inspiring to see a day filled with enthusiastic audiences and knowledge sharing from among the brightest in their respective industries.

- All in all, TEDx is a “wake up call” experience that I recommend to people who are invited to such events, as it has the ability to change your mindset. Some of the other presenters were really inspirational as well, but I do warn that the event did take about 9 hours to finish, so we must apply the listening skills and thinking skills to absorb the best ideas.