Adjie Santosoputro
Mindfulness Practitioner
A cum laude graduate of Psychology UGM that has a great interest in resting the mind, healing mental wounds, and living a happy conscious life.

Adjie founded Santosha, which manages sessions and seminars related to emotional healing and living a happy life through a “mindfulness” approach. He wrote several books entitled "Sejenak Hening", "Sadar Penuh Hadir Utuh", "Merawat Bahagia", "Mengheningkan Cinta", and the most recent in 2022, "Tenang di Tengah Gelombang".

Apart from regularly holding emotional healing sessions in several cities for anyone in need, Adjie also often fills sessions at a number of large companies, speaks on national TV stations, and gets an invitation to the Presidential Palace to meet President Joko Widodo to discuss the mental development of Indonesian people.

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